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Steam Mops

Wood, Water and Steam Don't Mix

NEVER use steam mops on your timber floors despite what the salesman told you. Steam mops force steam (moisture) into the joints of the timber and any small incisions, breaks or cracks on the timber floor surface resulting in unusual reactions in the timber such as cupping. The heat from the steam mop could also cause damaged to the coating on the floor. All finishes degrade over time by the process of oxidation - a process that is accelerated by heat.

Steam mop manufacturers may recommend use on timber floors however the timber floor industry does not recommend use of steam mops. The manufacturers have recommended cleaning practices and solutions, and using other products and machines will void your warranty. You don't want to void a 50-year warranty on your timber floor because you wanted to try out a neat mop gadget.


What can you clean with instead?....

It is essential that the floor is cleaned using a minimum of water.
For Solvent Based Polyurethane - Use a splash of methylated spirits and a damp mop only, never a wet mop, and mop with the grain of the timber not across it.
For Water-Based Polyurethane - Use a squirt of cheap dishwashing liquid and a damp mop only, never a wet mop, and mop with the grain of the timber not across it.

Never use store bought timber floor cleaner as these are often far to abrasive and can also damage the floor.

Don't allow water to stand on the floor and wipe up spills or leaks immediately. Use a slightly moistened cloth for sticky spills if necessary, but be sure to wipe the floor dry afterwards.

Too much water can result in moisture penetrating the finish which could lead to delamination or the cupping of the floorboards.

NEVER clean a floor with common household detergents, polishes, steel wool pads, wax or similar products. These products can be too abrasive and scratch the surface, or may make a floor dangerously slippery. Some products may leave a film of silicon or wax on the timber which may hamper recoating of your floor in the future.