Staining and Blonding


When thinking about changing the colour of your timber, consider these issues:

Timber should never be stained to be lighter than the original timber. If you want a lighter appearance, refer to the information below about Blonding.

Many people consider staining to cover inconsistencies in floor timbers, such as floors made from different timbers, or timbers of different ages or levels of wear:

  • If your floor is patched from different species of timber (such as a mix of pine and native timbers), staining will not make the varying timbers match exactly.
  • Older timber will result in a darker stain when compared to new timber.
  • The stained colours will not hide variation in the timbers unless we use a dark coloured stain.
  • The more porous the timber, the darker the stained colour.
  • The colour of stained timber is richer when polyurethane is applied.
  • Talk to us about the effect you are hoping to achieve from your floor and we'll work with you to accomplish the look you want.


More and more customers seem to be going for the stained look.  Stained floors add an aged look, character and charm to any home or room.  There are many different shades to choose from.  Staining is a lot more time consuming and can take up to twice as long as a straight forward sand and polyurethane job, therefore the price for stain is a little more expensive.
Some popular staining colours are:

  • Chocolate
  • Walnut & Dark Walnut
  • Dark Oak
  • Black Bean


This is the white wash effect that has become very popular.  We apply our white wash solution to your floor with sometimes more than one coat being required to achieve the desired look.

** For staining and blonding, contact us and we will do a colour sample on your floor prior to starting the job to achieve your desired look.



Pine stained Dark Oak


Walnut Stain


Tawa stained Chocolate



Blonded Tasmanian Oak. We applied Handley Industries Aquapol polyurethane.

floor sanding


Blonded Veneer floor showing damage caused by a dog.


Whitewash solution applied to a living area with aged Matai floors to give them a rustic/shabby chic appearance.

shabby chic floors